Link between Vit D and ADHD?

Mothers who take vitamin D during pregnancy may reduce the risk of their children developing attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – one of the most common neuro-behavioural disorders.

A Danish study, published in The Australia & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, monitored 1,233 children and showed that mothers who had taken vitamin D, and had a vitamin D level (25OHD) in their umbilical blood over 25 nmol/L, had children with lower ADHD scores.

“And for every 10 nmol/L increase in the vitamin D concentration in umbilical blood, the risk of being among the 10 per cent highest score on the ADHD symptom scale fell by 11 per cent,” said Niels Bilenberg, Professor at the University of Southern Denmark.

But co-author medical student Jens Bull Aaby also added cautiously, “We cannot say with certainty that vitamin D protects against early symptoms of ADHD. Our study only indicates that there is a link we cannot explain in any other way.”