Teachers’ day notes for parents

On Teacher’s Day, here are a bunch of qualities we as parents need to teach our children, even before they start school. Parents, after all, are a child’s first teachers.


Learning this quality starts with you. They need to hear the truth from you, even if it hurts. Shielding your child from the truth because you do not want to hurt them would definitely hurt them more in the long run. You need to teach them that sometimes, the truth does hurt and they need to learn to deal with it.

If your child makes unreasonable demands, for example, “I want to go to the park today?” when its 8pm, don’t say “okay” just to keep them quiet. Remember, they believe every word you say, and if you don’t mean what you say they will invariably think it’s okay to do what you did – lie.

Apologize and make it okay

If your child does something wrong, saying ‘I’m sorry’ is fairly easy for a child – it doesn’t require much thinking and gets them off the hook fast. You got to make sure they mean it by making amends. They need to learn that there are consequences for their actions. So if they did something wrong, like throw their toys around carelessly and break them, make sure they know they have to deal with the repercussions. Like time out or not replacing the toy they just broke. You are in turn teaching them responsibility.


Teach them to think about other people’s feelings. By being considerate for other people’s feelings you are teaching your children to not be selfish and value how other people feel. They will also learn to be team players in the process.


Remember to tell your children you love them, irrespective of who they are or what they become. Hug and cuddle them all you can in a day, and remind them that they can tell you anything. By giving your children the freedom to express themselves with you without being judged, you are reinstating their faith in love.

After all, love conquers all.