‘CEO courses’ for toddlers in China

Children as young as three are being enrolled in “CEO courses” in China as pushy parents become obsessed with giving their offspring an advantage over their young peers.

The toddlers will become qualified in determining “real and fake friendships” and “techniques in dealing with conflicts among friends”, according to the website of one such “future leaders” course at the Baoyatu Early Education Garden.

The “little leaders”, aged from three to six, will “learn how to make simple dreams come true” during the two-year twice-weekly course which costs 30,000 yuan (Rs 3 lakh approximately) a year.

“We teach our children to understand how leaders would behave in certain circumstances,” said a staff member at the Beijing-based school, who did not want to give her surname.

Parents in the southern city of Guangzhou can enroll their children on a “CEO training course” at the ‘Leederedu’ school for 50,000 yuan (Rs 5 lakh approximately) a year.

The twice-weekly course helps develop “leadership abilities” and “competitiveness” in children aged three to eight, the school’s website said.

The Shenyang Early Education Centre claims on its website that it can give young babies “self-confidence” with what it calls a “management trainee” course that it offers to new borns aged up to six months.

The centre, which is based in north-east China, also offers a “CEO course” for children who are aged over three, and “presidents” and “directors” courses for younger children.

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