To be a child, again

For the first time since I was a teenager…

I went on a slide.

We are so busy growing up, growing old or just growing (or shrinking) in size that we lose sight of the simple joyous things in life that used to bring us so much happiness.

I took my toddler to an indoor play area. He climbed the cushy terrain to the top and he did the unthinkable. He called me to come up there with him.

And without a second thought, I did. Maybe because I was sleep deprived from taking care of an infant. Maybe because I just couldn’t handle the disappointed face of an overexcited toddler. Maybe because, once every now and then, I stop thinking too much.

And together down the slide we went. My fearless toddler slid down rather smoothly, and I, my legs rusted from years of not going on a slide, made my way down holding onto the sides of the slide for dear life, and on landing – boom – got a catch.

And then. I decided to do it again. And it was smoother this time. And again. Until my toddler and I were rolling on the floor laughing.

Sometimes you just got to stop being a parent. Stop being an adult. And get down and dirty with your kids. Only to remember what is it like to live freely, with no inhibitions – only pure love.


  • Viji Arun

    Sometimes we have to go to their level to entertain specially toddlers